Wednesday, July 9, 2014

APO? 3D rayaaaa??? woww amehzing!

Hahaha meghapunye tajuk post nih..Well saje je nak update nih utk bulan rayaaa ni majalah APO ade buat Bumper edition. Haaaa ni promo beberapa pages. haaa ngk la pree ni.

yang haku post ni dop di 3Dkan lagik laaaa.. So lain la versionnya bila bukak kat mejelah nnti. So apalagi? Mohla grab secopy dua! smbil2 makan samprit tu ekkk Adios Santros!

Monday, June 9, 2014

komik online baru!

Hey ya! havent got much to talk about lately, except I've been doing a lot of big projects for the past few months! Cant really talk about it yet but will soon! But for now Ive been drawing for my own personal webcomic entitled 'RunLolaRun. Its your typical coming of age story except this Lola is already grown up. She doesnt want to face the reality and keep on running away from her problems, thus the title Run Lolac*Goddemmit run! Here is a previu of the comic. some of them are animated even! this is what happen when u have too much time in hand. haha!

If you guys would like to follow this comic, click here!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Testing out font

Looking for nice handwriting font so I'm trying out some of the font I downloaded! eah Jon, vain much?

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Brigada inspired!

Lately I am feeling uninspired. Currently looking for things to spark my creative side. Argh! so yeah thats what I've been doing la.. goggling researching experimenting until I stumble upon this artist Enrique Fernandez from Spain. Man this guy is amazing! His best work is definitely Brigada. Totally awesome! I admired his dark and light contrast.

Brigada comic:

 Totally awesome. So I tried and adapted his styles on my own character; Leya. Interesting take on the contrast, makes my cartoon stroke more defined in a way. I always felt that my styles is too plain and lack contrast. So Enrique's styles does work! Thanks guy! So, maybe you can try the styles too and hope you guys will get positive result too!